Books by Roddy Shaffer

'Come On Home'

'Come on Home' is a compelling book that every believer should have. It is designed to minister to those that began their walk with the Lord, then walked away. Every believer that has strayed from the Father's house that reads this book will be encouraged to Come on Home where they belong as a child of God.

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'Faith Supplements'

This is a daily devotional and word supplement booklet. Designed to feed your spirit man the needed spiritual nourishment that often go neglected. Subjects include: Power of Words, Peace, Strength, Prosperity & Authority of the Believer.

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'Green Pastures'

'Green Pastures' is a book that should be in the hands of every believer with a desire to fulfill God's plan for their life. Many do not finish their course and stop short of the finish line, usually due to frustration. 
You are where you are, so you can get to where you are going.

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Books Coming Soon:

  • "It's My Pleasure"

  • "Walking in the Reign"

  • "King Kind"

  • "Launch Out Deep"

  • "Heads Up"